Conference of Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS), University of Hohenheim


From 6th to 7th of November in University of Hohenheim in Stuttgart’s district, took place annual conference for representatives of Euroleague for Life Sciences (ELLS) – network of leading agricultural and life sciences universities. ELLS conference was preceded by student conference concerning climate changes (5th and 6th of November), where students have presented results of their thesis.

In conference SGGW-WULS was represented by 11 persons with special participation of Rector Prof. dr hab. Alojzy Szymański and Pro-rector for Didactics Prof. Dr hab. Krystyna Gutkowska, as well as 8 students.

During conference ELLS Distinguished Fellowship was given to a student who had the best thesis presentation or poster. This year polish student from SGGW-WULS Joanna DkonferencjaHohenheim1ziankowska won this fellowship for presentation concerning “Carbon sequestration in forests as a method of climate change mitigation based on examples in Poland and Iceland”.

Furthermore, in frame of ELLS activities annual ELLS award was given to Subject Area “Environmental Sciences” which is represented in WULS by Prof. dr hab. Stefan Ignar from Faculty of Engineering and Environmental Science. During conference ELLS Board accepted creation of two new subject’s areas: “Spatial Planning” and “Nutrition and Health”, which will be lead by WULS representative dr Sa’eed Bawa from Faculty of Human Nutrition and Consumer Sciences.