Interfaculty Study of Environmental Protection

Interfaculty Study of Environmental Protection educates specialists of wide, multidisciplinary profile. With regard to teaching Interfaculty Study of Environmental Protection is referred to as a faculty and it’s head-master possesses the authorities of a dean.

Teaching programme of the Environmental Protection course is executed by specialists from different faculties of Warsaw University of Life Sciences – SGGW, and also from other Polish and foreign  universities.

Taking the Environmental Protection course gives the opportunity to gain interdisciplinary knowledge within the scope of:

- physicochemical and biological processes in the environment,
- reasons and mechanisms of threats to and degradation of the selected compounds of the environment (atmosphere, lithosphere, hydrosphere),
- influence of the technical and agricultural activity, and forestry on the environment,
- technologies used in environmental protection and reclamation,
- legal and economic instruments applied in environmental protection,
- geographical information systems and other computer techniques used in environmental management.